Girls will leave you feedback to let you know what they have thought of their experiences with you. This feedback is viewable to all other girls on the site. Just as it is on the street, your reputation is everything in the mygirlfund community. The more positive your feedback you have the more attention you’ll receive from the girls. Conversely, if you start receiving a lot of negative feedback it will most likely effect whether or not a girl will want to seek out your help. Of course, you can never please everyone, but just be mindful how you conduct yourself in the community. It can come back to haunt you later.

In order to be able to leave or receive feedback for/from a member you must have contributed 5 or more credits to that member - previously it was 3. You can leave a response to feedback a member has left you. You can change your feedback or responses you have written after 10 days. You can leave feedback or respond to feedback even if you have blocked the member or the member has blocked you. Blocking a member does not remove feedback you have left for them.

Since you are now able to respond to feedback, support will no longer respond to requests to remove negative feedback. Mygirlfund will only remove feedback if there is harassment or abuse of any kind. If the feedback you were left meets this criteria, please report it to us.

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