Embedding Videos

Videos are embeddable on your profile, in messages, on blogs and on offers. Use VLogs and intro teasers to introduce yourself to the guys in a strikingly personal way. Guys are very visual.

You can only embed videos that you have sent to us for review and uploading. To send us a video, enter this URL in your browser:

It's essential that you follow all the instructions. The video must be named with your MGF display name, it can't be larger than 300mb or longer than 5 minutes, and it has to follow the photo posting guidelines we have in place: no nudity, nothing sexually explicit etc. 

Once you've uploaded an acceptable video, we'll send you a video embed link. It may take 24 hours to receive that link. We ask that you restrict your embed requests to one video per week.

Here's how you embed your video in your profile once we send you the embed code. 1) Go to Edit Profile 2) Click the Video Icon (last Icon to the right on the edit window bar, looks like film) 3) A window pops up. Click the Embed tab. Paste the embed code we sent you (all of it, from the < to the last > ) 4) Click OK 5)  Click the Save Changes button on your profile.

For messages, blogs and offers, follow the same steps :)


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