As with photos, you have the ability to create videos directly from your webcam by clicking on the red record button. You can only record a video up to 15 minutes. To stop recording, click on the record button a second time. The video will appear below as a thumbnail in your video gallery.

To upload an existing video on your computer or phone click on the “upload video” icon and choose the file from the location on your computer. Mygirlfund supports HD videos, 720 or 1080p. Video files cannot exceed 4 GB. Supported video formats currently include .wmv, .avi, .mov, .flv, & .mp4. The progress of your upload is displayed by the status bar. After your video has uploaded, it may not be available immediately until it is converted to the correct format for use on mygirlfund. Once the file has been converted it will appear as a thumbnail in your video gallery.

You can title your video by clicking on it's filename underneath the thumbnail. Guys will be able to view the titles you assign to your videos once you send them. ZIP files cannot be uploaded

You can delete a video by clicking on the x that appear in the upper left hand corner of each video thumbnail. Once a video is deleted there is no way to recover it. To view a video in your gallery simply click on the thumbnail for that video.

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