Posting Guidelines for Public Photos

  • Nudity is not permitted in any public area of the site (profile, blogs, offers).
  • Photoshopped censor spots are not to be used in place of clothes.
  • Photos containing watermarks, urls, or photo tags are not permitted.
  • Do not post photos of sex toys.
  • Hand bras and covering up is permitted as long as it's done in a tasteful manner.*
  • Pulling a thong or panties halfway down your rear is considered to be nudity.
  • If the photo shows your bottom half, you must be wearing panties.
  • Extreme close-ups of intimate areas are not appropriate for your public folder.
  • Do not post animated, flashing GIFs in the blogs or offers. Save that stuff for your profile.
  • Your default photo should not be one large offer/advertisement. Please use status messages, your about me section, and the offers to convey those messages.

In summary use your best judgment to keep it classy and artistic.

* Please note hand bras and covering up is prohibited in your Snaps' public feed.

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