Uploading Photos

To upload photos to your profile page:

  • Click "Upload Photos" on the "Edit Profile" page
  • From there you can choose to:
    • Upload photos to your "Public" or "Private folder"
    • Upload existing photos you have on your computer or mobile device
      • Click "Choose files" to upload photos
    • Take photos right on your computer (if you have a webcam hooked up, see the article on setting up my webcam) or on your mobile device
    • There is a 15 MB size limit for each photo you upload
  • To upload multiple photos at once, you can create and upload a Zip file of your photos
    • Photos uploaded should not contain any periods in the filename (i.e. should be changed to mycoolphoto.jpg)
    • There is no size limits on Zip files
  • You can also take a picture by clicking the camera icon on the "Photo Booth" tab for an instant photo

Note: Once you choose to delete a photo, this can’t be undone.

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