Setting Up Your Webcam

In order to use your webcam to take pictures, record videos, or engage in live 1 or 2-way video chat,  you will have to connect the camera to your computer and have the manufacturer’s driver installed on your operating system. Apart from that, all you have to do is make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

Follow the steps below to complete your install.

Step 1:

When you go to upload Photo Booth photos or start a video chat you may get a message from Windows asking your permission to continue. In order to use these features you will need to click Continue. If you do not receive this message, then please continue to the next step in this help file.


Step 2:

Once you grant Windows permission to install the add-on, your browser will ask you to give it permission to install the specific add-on. To proceed please click Install.


Step 3:

After the Adobe Flash Player installs you will receive a message asking your permission to access your camera and microphone. Please click Allow in order to use the camera features. At this point your camera (as long as it is connected and working correctly) should be active. It will not record or take a picture until you decide to do so.


Step 4:

After the Camera is loaded, you can change the settings on it to remember your previous selection. You can do this by right clicking your mouse on the video area. Choose the Settings option on this menu.


Step 5:

This will bring up the Adobe Flash Player Settings. Ensure that the Allow option is selected and check off the Remember radio box and click close.


Your webcam is now set up to take pictures and engage in video chat 

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