Escrow Contributions

Escrow contributions are contributions that are sent to you, but not immediately released into your fund. The Escrow system is a convenient and safe way for you to insure that you will get paid for photos or videos that you send on mygirlfund.

Contributions of 10 credits or greater are eligible to be put into an escrow fund.

Escrow contributions are released to you when the contributor accepts delivery of the photos or videos requested. The escrow system will return the contribution back to the contributor if:

1. You reject the terms of the request 2. You do not fulfill the request by the expiration date 3. The contributors does not accept the photos or videos

If the contributor does not take action (accept or reject delivery) in 24 hours after receipt of the photos or videos then the contribution is automatically released to you.

When photos or videos are sent in response to escrow contributions a preview page is displayed to the contributor. The preview page shows very small thumbnails of the photos or videos sent. The preview page will give the contributor the option of accepting or rejecting the content. The photos or videos are only sent to the contributor when they click on the accept link. If they do not take action (accept or reject) the content sent by you within 24 hours of receipt, the funds are automatically transferred to your account.

You can view all of your escrow contributions by clicking on the "escrows" link located at the top of the "my fund" page.

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