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Click on the “live chat & video” on a guys profile page to initiate a video or text chat. This will send a message to that user with a link for them to join you in live chat. Two-way live video chat is only available to those contributors who are premium members. Therefore you may not be able to see a guy when engaging in live video, however, the guy will be able to see you regardless of whether he is a premium member or not.

After you click on “live chat & video” another screen will open up (make sure your browser allows pop-ups) and you will wait for the guy to connect. Once he connects you can send instant messages by typing in the text box and hitting enter on your keyboard.

To start a live video session click on the red “video” button at the top of the screen. Please make sure the contributor is connected before hitting this button. Then, choose whether it will be a flat fee show (enter whole dollar amounts) or whether it is for free. You can also elect whether you want to give the guy the ability to record your webcam for an additional flat fee. The minimum amount you can charge for the ability to record is $5. If the guy chooses to record the show and accept your recording fee you will receive the recording fee as an extra contribution to your fund.

Finally, click on Yes to send the video invitation. If the guy accepts your invitation you will be connected and your webcam will be visible to him. If he is a premium member and has a webcam then you will be able to see him once he starts his video feed.

Once your live video has started you can use the video controls on the top of the window. Hide closes the smaller window where your own video appears. Swap will exchange the video feeds between the larger and smaller window. Blur is used for those times that you prefer to see less rather than more of the guy on the other end.

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