You can create your own contest by simply filling out the contest title, description, winning prize, and deadline on the web form. Once you have created a contest you cannot delete it. Contributors will be able to search through your contests and participate in them. Be sure to honor the winning prize by the deadline otherwise you may receive negative feedback!

Contributors create their own contests and offer prizes to the winner. In order for a contributor to post a contest he must prepay the prize amount this way it's guaranteed the winner will receive her money. All active contests that you can participate in are listed on the contest summary page. If you would like to view all the contests created by a particular guy, click the “his contests” link on his profile page.

To enter a contest click on the contest title. You will find a detailed description of the contest, the winning prize amount and entry deadline. In the text box enter a message or a description of your submission. Select a new picture or video file to upload from your computer or you can choose existing pictures and videos by clicking on the check box above the file and hitting the send either from your computer or choose one from your private inbox. Once you have finished and are ready to submit your entry click on the “Submit your Entry” button.

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