My Total Cash Value Looks Lower Than It Should Be

Since the cash out fee is a fixed rate, it is high relative to your fund balance right now. As your fund grows, that number will become less and less significant. We are charged fees every time we need to send you money, so as you can understand, we need to cover those expenses. The cash out fee for a paper check is $10 and for Skrill Payment it is $5.

To demonstrate this let's say that you receive a $20 contribution and you have not yet setup Skrill account. The calculation would be as follows:

$20 (total fund value) - $9 (45% fee for a girl at the 55% payout level) = $11 then since you are receiving a paper check: $11 - $10 (check cash out fee) = $1 Cash Out Value

When you setup Skrill Payment the fee drops to $5 so in this example your Cash Out Value would increase to $6 immediately.

Each time you cash out, the first few messages you receive in your fund will appear to not increase your available cash out balance since it is reflected net of the cash out fee. Once you have enough contributions to your fund to exceed the cash out fee your available cash out balance will increase as you normally would expect.  Rest assured that your fund is working properly and you are receiving credit for all of your transactions.

You can see the calculation for your own fund by navigating to the "my fund" page and clicking on the "i" link that appears to the right of your "Total Cash Value".

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