QuickStart Beginners Guide for New Girls

  1. Core Values
  2. Setting Up Your Profile
  3. Using Status Updates
  4. Tags
  5. Blogs, Offers, Contests
  6. Interacting with the Guys
  7. Sending Photos and Videos
  8. Live Chat and Webcams
  9. What to Charge
  10. Escrow
  11. How You Get Paid
  12. Security and Privacy
  13. Self-Marketing

Core Values

As a mygirlfund member, you will have the opportunity to connect with generous guys who want to help you realize your financial goals. You will be joining a vibrant community of models who have earned considerable income while having fun using mygirlfund's unique social networking platform. The best part of the mygirlfund experience is that you are in control. You set the prices for your time and your content and you set the level of interaction to your own comfort level.

You're probably ready to get started already, but it's important to take a moment to understand the values and rules that make mygirlfund the exciting, empowering and rapidly growing social network that it is. Quite simply, it's all about relationships, the ones you will form with other models and especially the ones you will develop with the great guys on the site.

It’s no secret that the more relationships you create with the guys, the more money you will make. Guys love mygirlfund because it's a place where they can spend personal and intimate one on one time with amazing women like you. And you'll love mygirlfund because you can spend your time getting to know interesting AND generous guys who want to help you out. Have fun getting to know guys, but play safe and don't share your real-life personal contact information.

OK, enough talk about values. Let's get you started

Setting Up Your Profile

Use your public profile to tell the mygirlfund community about yourself: why you are here, what you're about, your likes, moods and interests. Expressive and uniquely personal profiles always seem to attract the attention of the generous guys on mygirlfund. Click here for a helpful profile creation guide. Some models also use their profile to list the descriptions of videos and images they want to sell and to broadcast their availability for chat and cam. You can upload as many pictures of yourself as you want, but make sure to keep your public pages PG-13.

Using Status Updates

When guys browse and search the site, they see rows of profile pictures, with your name on top and your status below. Consider status updates an essential way to attract a guy's attention. Update frequently, letting guys know if you have new content to offer, when you are available to cam or chat, if you'll be away for a bit, the kinds of custom content you are willing to produce, if you're in the mood to flirt etc.


The self-tagging feature allows you to highlight your unique qualities, talents, and offers. Guys can access the tag cloud from the main mygirlfund page. The order and font sizes of the tags are randomly generated. They can also see how you tagged yourself on your profile page. When they click on a tag they will see the profile pics of all models who entered that tag.

There's a area on your profile home page below the Status line where you can enter your tags. The tagging is free-form, like Tumblr. You can enter in any term or phrase up to 30 characters. After you type in a tag simply type a space, comma or hit the enter or tab buttons. Double check your spelling and punctuation. To delete a tag just click the X on the tag bubble. To enter a tag with spaces just put int in quotation marks i.e. "college girl".

Blogs, Offers, Contests

Guys looking to connect with new girls will often visit these pages to get a better sense of who the active girls are and what they have to offer. Keep in mind that you don't post offers on the blogs and vice-versa. The best blogs offer insight into what makes you unique and interesting. Spammy stuff doesn't fly. Offers should be as descriptive as possible. Contests should be structured to invite wide participation.

Interacting with the Guys

You have multiple ways to connect with the guys. You can receive and respond to private messages and initiate new contact by sending messages to the guys. The fantastic thing is you get paid every time you respond to a guy's message. You will discover that guys are unlikely to answer impersonal or spammy messages. Guys only see the subject line in their external email, so always write a header that will grab their attention. Make sure to tell them specifically why you are interested in them. Remember, interactions build relationships and relationships grow your fund. You can also live chat with the guys and cam (or cam to cam) with them. The guys aren't automatically charged for chat and cam, so you will want to work out pricing for your time directly with them.

Sending Photos and Videos

Guys on the site love to receive photos and videos from the girls. Mygirlfund lets you upload private photos and videos to share with the guys. You're in complete control of the type of content that you upload and who gets to see it. Guys only see private photos and videos that you send directly to them. You can choose to send content for free as teasers and/or send content that has been prepaid. Again, you determine the price. For contributions of $10 or higher, the guy has the option to escrow the contribution until you deliver. Once his credits are in escrow, you are assured of payment.

Live Chat and Webcams

One of the best ways to get to know guys on mygirlfund is via the live chat and webcam features. Invite guys for one-on-one private chat sessions and, for even more fun, connect with guys on webcam. You are always in control of the process, have fun negotiating prices with the guys and deciding what to charge for your time. You even have the option to allow the guys to record your webcam show for an additional charge.

What to Charge

You are free to charge whatever you want for the content you sell and the interaction you provide. You will want to price your time and content at a level that attracts donations without selling yourself short. The key to success is securing repeat, recurring customers (that relationship thing again). So you will want to produce high value, high quality content and make your interactions meaningful. And don't be afraid to negotiate (it can be fun). When a guy approaches you to negotiate a donation, take that as an opportunity to find a mutual comfort level. Once that is established, and he is satisfied that you deliver as promised, he'll likely come back to you again and again, and tell the other guys what an amazing woman you are in your reviews.


Escrow contributions are contributions that are sent to you but not immediately released into your fund. The Escrow system is a convenient and safe way for you to ensure that you will get paid for photos or videos that you send on mygirlfund. Anything over $10 can be sent to you as an escrow payment and will be released into your fund account as soon as the guy accepts the content. It’s a really great way make sure both parties keep up their ends of the bargain. This way you don’t have to send your content and wait for the money and the guy does not have to spend his money and wonder if he will get anything in return.

How You Get Paid

Mygirlfund's payment platform is quite simple. Guys buy credits from mygirlfund and then donate them to you. You can cash out those credits into real dollars whenever you want. Each credit is worth $1. Your payout level increases as your earnings grow. Check your "my fund" page for your current payout level and what you will need to reach the next level. If you stick with the site and do well, your share of each credit will escalate progressively all the way up to 90 cents. There isn't a site out there that rewards its models with such high levels of profit participation. The credits can pile up quickly and when you are ready to cash out you have two options. You can sign up for a mygirlfund branded MasterCard, and get your funds credited directly to it. We can also send you a physical check in the mail.

 Security and Privacy

Rest assured that we take all necessary steps to protect the real life identity and information of our community members. We don't share your personal information with anyone. You can block visitors from any state or country from viewing your profile. Your images and videos are yours. We never sell or distribute them and we would never use them for marketing without first obtaining explicit permission from you. If you ever see your images on other websites, we'll help you get them removed. Don't worry, piracy on mygirlfund is rare and we work with you to pursue all violations.


Many of our models do targeted self-marketing to help drive interested guys to their profiles. Social media venues like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram are particularly effective. You will want to post links to your profile page which is simply That will take guys right to you and then to the free sign up page. If you cam on other sites, you might want to post links to your mygirlfund profile if it's allowed. You can participate in our weekly tumblr and instagram contests (see the Contests section for details). We run weekly and monthly contests rewarding the girls who garner the most registrations with cash prizes. There are many ways to build your relationship networks and your fund.

Ok, you have made it this far, so you deserve a valuable tip. All the models want to make our Featured Girls page, but we can only list 30 at a time. How do you get yourself up there? Relationships! Featured Girls are ones who are actively building and maintaining relationships with lots of guys. Flirt, seduce and have fun and you'll find yourself up there.



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