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Yes! Mygirlfund has been updated! The update introduces a new, cleaner look and includes major enhancements to the mobile experience. Live chat now works on mobile devices.

We are testing the core functionality of the upgrade with this release and you can expect additional improvements to the site, and live chat and mobile in particular, in the coming weeks. If you encounter any problems with the new site and functionality, please make sure to clear your browser cache and if the problem persists let us know by writing in to Your feedback is crucial.

FRIENDS improved functionality:

Guys and girls will now be able to add/remove friends. You can add friends by going to a profile page and clicking on the Add Friend link. Once you click the Add Friend link - a friend request will be sent. Your new friends requests will appear in your My Friends page (you can either accept or decline them). Once a person accepts your request - you will receive a friend confirmation message to your home page. You can remove friends from your My Friends page by clicking on the X  that appears in the upper right-hand corner of their profile photo.


A chat list has been added and will show your recent chats. Your chat list will initially appear as empty since there is no chat activity up to this point.To send a new chat request with someone that does not appear in your list go to the person’s profile page you want to chat with and click the Live Chat link.

When your chat list changes from a blue bar to green it will indicate that you have pending chat requests and/or unread chats.  You can accept or decline new chats on the Requests tab of the list. Once you accept a new user’s chat request and start chatting with them, their chats will appear in the list.  Your chat list is sorted by recent chats with unread messages appearing at the top.

Chat list controls: 

  • accept chat requests
  • block/unblock users
  • view user's profile by clicking on their display name
  • remove users from list
  • search for people you recently chatted with
  • turn on/off chat sounds - mute/unmute
  • turn your webcam on/off (when ON your profile will appear on On Cam page)
  • turn online/offline live chat

To enlarge your chat window just click on the   increase link located at the upper-right corner of the video window. To adjust it back simply click on the decrease button. Chat windows can be undocked (free floating) by simply dragging around. To go to full screen, click the   full screen icon in the lower-right corner of the video window. You can exit full screen by clicking the same icon while in full screen mode.

You can access chat on mobile devices by clicking on the chat bubble located on the top navigation bar. A green chat bubble will indicate there are unread chats/pending requests.

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