Check Cash Outs Re-Enabled

Check cash outs have been re-enabled with a $500 minimum cash out.  Increasing the minimum cash out amount was necessary in order to be able to provide the community with check cash outs at all.   Please remember that if you have an un-deposited check ending in account number 2479, it is no longer valid.   Everyone who had a check or was due a check  and  was not able to deposit it, has received their cash out(s) back into their fund.  You can now cash out again by either using FirstChoice Pay or requesting a new check.   We always encourage you to sign up for a FirstChoice Pay account. FirstChoice Pay allows you to cash out your fund instantly with only a $20 minimum.

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    firstchoice pay doesnt even work and is a scam

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    How can I change my payment method using my own bank card because FirstChoice Pay isn’t transferring and keep getting transfer errors when trying to submit from my Funds /Cash Out page. Please help!

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